Save to My Shopping Notes

To save a product to your Shopping Notes using the "Save to My Shopping Notes" button, just browse through your favorite shopping sites as usual, and when you see a product you like:

For Internet Explorer, click on “Favorites” in the menu bar and then select “Save to My Shopping Notes...”.

For Firefox and Opera, click on “Save to My Shopping Notes...” in "Bookmarks Toolbar".

In a few seconds, you will see this screen. Please notice that you have not saved this product to your Shopping Notes at this point yet. Be sure to click on Save. Also notice that you need to select one of the two "Alert me" options to set a price alert on this product:

Optional: You can edit its alert setting, lists, favorite level, image, note, and price if you like.

After you save the product, you can choose to return to the product page or go to your My Shopping Notes. If you do nothing, you will be taken back to the product page in 5 seconds.

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