FAQ for Webmasters

What are the benefits that can bring for me?
How frequently does your robot visit my web site?

Q.  What are the benefits that can bring for me?

A. helps on-line shoppers remember your products, in a world where we are all very busy and being flooded with an enormous amount of information. With product images and prices saved along their shopping bookmarks, they can easily remember and find your products, and with one click can get to your web site. So you save the marketing dollars to re-acquire the same customers, which could be large especially if your products usually need some decision making before purchase, and you use a pay-per-click model.

Furthermore, our popular price watch feature works just like a laser-sharp targeted promotion for your products, and better yet, this is all free to you. You do not need to generate data feeds or tweak your system for us, either. As some of our users have put it,

"Every price alert I receive is just like another temptation to make the purchase that's so hard to resist!"

Our goal at is to develop cutting-edge technology to help merchants find customers in highly targeted ways. If you like to exchange ideas or have business proposals, please send us an email at

Q.  How frequently does your robot visit my web site?

A.  Our robot visits your web site only (1) when we receive a request from a user to get price alerts on your products; and (2) once every night while his alert remains active. Our robot identifies itself as "SNBot". It is not like traditional crawlers in that it does not follow links to crawl around your web site. So each visit to your web site causes very little overhead and should not affect your web site's normal operation.

If you have questions or concerns about the way our robot visits your web site, please send us an email at